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Boston workers’ compensation attorney Michael O. Smith represents victims of personal and workplace injury, as well as individuals with disabling conditions. Mr. Smith has more than fifteen years of experience handling a broad range of cases in the areas of workers’ compensation, personal injury law, and Social Security benefits. He aggressively represents his clients while also delivering attentive, personalized legal service. With his advocacy skills, knowledge of the law, and dedication to client service, Michael O. Smith can provide you with the high quality legal representation you need in your case. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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  1. Discrepancy Between Employee’s Statements and Judge’s Findings Required Recommital of Case, According to Massachusetts Reviewing Board
  2. Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Judge Failed to Consider Parties’ Additional Medical Evidence at Hearing; Reviewing Board Vacates Decision Denying Employee Benefits
  3. Injured Employee Entitled to Continuing Benefits, Since Insurer Failed to Meet Burden of Showing Medical Condition Improved According to Massachusetts Law
  4. Massachusetts Reviewing Board Holds that Judge’s Modification of Benefits Award was not Grounded in Medical Evidence
  5. Judge Made Inconsistent Findings Regarding Employee’s Psychological Harm; Massachusetts Reviewing Board Finds Errors Were not Harmless
  6. OSHA Cites Boston, Massachusetts Seafood Wholesaler for 20 Serious Violations After Employee Suffered Fatality from Ammonia Leak
  7. Supreme Judicial Court Holds that Massachusetts Insurers Insolvency Fund can Recoup Costs from Bank for Workers’ Compensation Claim
  8. Department of Industrial Accidents Review Board Holds that When Bondholder Runs Out of Funds to Pay Benefits, Employee’s Widow Remains Protected by Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Law
  9. Successive Insurance Rule Appropriate; Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents Reviewing Board Upholds Insurance Coverage for Employee’s Repetitive Injury to Right Shoulder
  10. Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Rules in Favor of Injured Employee Because Workers’ Compensation Lien Does Not Apply to Damages for Pain and Suffering

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