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California Bankruptcy Lawyer

Scott Sagaria is the Principal Owner of Sagaria Law, a Professional Corporation. Sagaria Law specializes in Family Law, Bankruptcy and Estate Planning throughout all of California. Mr. Sagaria graduated from Santa Clara Law School and began his family law practice as a solo practitioner in 2001. Over the past 8 years he has successfully completed over 1200 family law cases, in all areas of family law. Further, he has successfully completed over 2000 bankruptcy petitions. Mr. Sagaria previously practiced in the areas of Labor and Employment Law. Prior to starting his own practice, Mr. Sagaria worked in both the large and small law firm environments. He strives to allow his clients to experience both, the professionalism of a large office, with the quaint feeling of a small firm. Mr. Sagaria’s goal is to provide meaningful, real time solutions and information to individuals in need of legal advice and fresh perspective.

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