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I have no secretaries, no paralegals, and no associates. When you call into this firm, you will speak with me. You will have your questions answered by an attorney and no one else. I will never have a paralegal call you back or answer your question, because I have no paralegals. I understand that bankruptcy can be terrifying and nerve wracking, whether going through a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. I understand you want a straight and correct legal answer to your questions. That is why your Detroit Bankruptcy Lawyer makes himself available to you. I will return you phone calls within 24 hours and I answer my emails daily. You are my client and I will do everything to make sure your case goes smoothly. You are paying good money to get debt relief, so you should have access to your attorney. I feel the same way. You pay for an attorney, you should get an attorney. I will be with you every step of the way. In addition, as part of my services, the fee for your required credit counseling and debtor education course is included in our fees. I will set these courses up for you (which can be done online or over the telephone); all you have to do it take the course.

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