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Tomorrow is a busy day for me as I will be making two presentations on special education topics. In the morning I will be speaking in New Brunswick to other attorneys from across the state of New Jersey on the topic of Manifestation Determinations. This topic deals with the often misunderstood issue of school discipline for students with special needs who violate the student code of conduct. The presentation is part of a continuing education program for attorneys entitled “Hot Topics in Special Education Law.” In the evening, I will be presenting to a group of parents in Cherry Hill, New Jersey on the topic “How to Effectively Negotiate an IEP for Students with Special Learning Needs.” The parent group is organized under ASPEN, which is focused on students who have Aspergers Syndrome, a disability associated with the Autism Spectrum. An IEP is an Individual Education Plan and my presentation is a combination of knowing your child’s rights and knowing what District personnel are likely to find most persuasive. I enjoy working with parent groups because the presentations often turn into interactive events, which include taking questions that can benefit the entire group.

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