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Winter Park, Florida, attorney Eric A. Lanigan, partner at Lanigan & Lanigan, P.L., has spent 37 years and 80 percent of his practice in business and civil litigation. “There’s not much I haven’t litigated from basic employment contract disputes to suits for defending for non-performance, to collecting damages in class-action suits,” Lanigan said. “I’ve worked on just about any kind of contract you can think of.” Eric Lanigan is experienced in legal management of corporations and individuals facing or in the middle of financial distress. He handles sophisticated corporate and securities matters for domestic businesses and has represented clients in complex litigation matters. Eric has represented creditors, trustees, lenders, committees, and acquirers. He deploys legal solutions ranging from negotiation to mediation, arbitration, litigation, reorganization, liquidation, and acquisition. Eric assists clients in practice areas including bankruptcy, foreclosure, mortgage workouts, securities and investment losses and real estate. The Lanigans work with small businesses and large corporations to tackle fiscal challenges to circumvent the cost of litigating unresolved issues later. Distressed businesses struggling with a legacy of undetected or unresolved legal problems tend to also have financial issues which if not addressed and repaired can impede or doom prospects of recovery.

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