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I am a Los Angeles native; born, raised and still live here. I love the Los Angeles Area, and California as a whole. Not just because of the famed weather, but because of the vast range of activities available. I am also continually energized by the vast diversity of people that live here, and who become my clients. I have practiced exclusively bankruptcy law since 1991, helping many file bankruptcy under Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 with clients that range from single moms with credit card debt, to people with huge tax debt, to businesses, including corporations and partnerships. I am a Board Certified Specialist in Bankruptcy Law (LEARN MORE) . I represent creditors as well as debtors. I do not operate like most other lawyers. I do have offices in Burbank and downtown Los Angeles, but I’m typically not there. I take advantage of modern technology and work from where I happen to be at any given time, whether at home, in court, or a distant location. While you always have the ability to see me in my office by appointment, you will never be required to. We can meet by phone or online, so you can meet with me when it is convenient for you.

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