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Friends, family and clients have asked me why I chose to give up a successful career on Wall Street to practice law, and why I chose to focus on estate planning, elder law, special needs planning and related areas. In some ways, it was a natural transition. Many of my business planning clients asked me to handle their estate plans, and my knowledge of the business world served me well in this capacity. More importantly, however, I discovered that I enjoyed the intimate collaboration afforded by elder law and estate planning, that is, getting to know my clients and their family on a highly personal level, and discussing their hopes and dreams for the future beyond purely financial matters. It’s a cliché, but it’s true—I’m a “people person,” and my clients often tell me that the personal nature of my approach to the practice of law is why they chose to work with me in the first place, and why they continue to do so. Many of my clients have become close personal friends.

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