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Bankruptcy lawyer Ali R. Nader has assisted over a thousand people since 1996 to find the relief that they deserve when financial circumstances turn against them. Through his efforts as a bankruptcy attorney and Real Estate Broker, clients obtain advice that may help them to protect their home and assets with peace of mind. Ali Nader became a bankruptcy attorney after a successful career as an Electronic Engineer. The switch in careers was fueled by the desire to have more contact with people and to make a difference in the lives of everyday people who needed help. Mr. Nader chose Bankruptcy and debt relief as the areas of specialization because helping people get out of debt gives him the greatest level of satisfaction. Over the past 15 years, Ali has served thousands of people in financial trouble, showing them how to get a fresh start and move on with their lives in a productive manner. When people are in financial trouble and meet with Ali, they immediately realize that they will get a straightforward assessment of their bankruptcy options. Next, they quickly understand whether they will be best served by the protection of bankruptcy or by using other alternatives. His unique background as a Real Estate Broker and as an attorney provides him with solutions that might not be readily apparent to others.

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