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The Maryland-based law firm of Silverman | Thompson | Slutkin | White is widely regarded as one of the premier law firms for litigation in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. The firm features a unique blend of the area's top lawyers with diverse backgrounds, such as former state and federal prosecutors, a state supreme court judge and a law school dean. The firm takes on complex high-stakes civil litigation and high-profile criminal cases throughout the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, and the United States. Many of the firm’s diverse and interesting cases have been profiled in recent years by 60 Minutes, the Discovery Channel and other international media. The firm’s seasoned attorneys spend hundreds, if not thousands, of hours in the courtroom each year. Nearly all of the firm’s civil litigators were “big firm” trained and recognized as rising stars prior to joining SilvermanThompson. The firm’s clients benefit from representation by lawyers who know the judiciary by practicing law on the front-line, not the side-line. Lawyers of the firm author leading treatises in the law including Jones on Evidence, Civil & Criminal (7th), Wiretapping and Eavesdropping, 3D: Surveillance in the Internet Age and The Maryland Evidence Handbook (4th). Although the firm handles cases all across the United States, the firm’s approximately 35 lawyers are all based in a single office in downtown Baltimore. As a result, SilvermanThompson has a collaborative and collegial culture unlike any other and is the only law firm named in Baltimore Magazine’s 2013 “Best Places to Work” issue. SilvermanThompson views all clients as firm clients and uses all of its collective resources in furtherance of our clients' best interests. We are diverse litigators and represent both corporations and individuals. On the corporate side we are experienced at administrative law matters, arbitration and mediation, business litigation, civil appeals, contract disputes, cyber-law, environmental law, federal investigations, insurance law, real estate, tax prosecutions and IRS matters. Individuals benefit from our extensive experience in criminal appeals, criminal defense and federal white-collar criminal defense, family law (divorce, custody, adoption), internet crimes, medical malpractice, catastrophic personal injury, product liability, plaintiffs' litigation, tax, victims' rights and wrongful death.

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