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Jacobs Keely, PLLC., located in Downtown Miami, FL, is a full service law firm practicing in primarily in Debt Defense & Criminal Defense. Both Partners, Bruce Jacobs and Court Keeley are former Miami-Dade County prosecutors and former bank lawyers. Together, they have over 100 trials between them.

The senior partner, Bruce Jacobs, spent years representing banks in foreclosures. In 2008, Bruce decided to focus his practice on helping homeowners and traveled the country attending seminars to train on cutting edge legal strategies. Court Keeley left the Miami-Dade County State Attorneys office after 7 years handling a variety of criminal cases including capital murder cases, sexual battery and complex fraud. He also worked in various specialized divisions such as the Career Criminal/Robbery Unit, the Human Trafficking Task Force and the Gang Strike Force. Together, they host the weekly radio show “Debt Warriors with Bruce Jacobs and Court Keeley” on 880AM the Biz live every TUESDAY at 6:00 pm

The firm offers free consultations and affordable payment plans. Se habla espanol, Please contact us today for an appointment.

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