On Truthiness in the Courtroom

Invariably a client suggests taking a preemptive strike against their adversary in court by raising a false allegation. “I’ll say he did such and such or so and so, and it will be his word against mine; then, if he said I did such and so or so and such, I’ll have taken the first punch on that topic, and have the upper hand.” People are often tempted to make things up when they fear that someone will accuse them of something they may have actually done, more or less. And, in my experience, people often think they are being smart and savvy when they come up with these schemes. It is my job to persuade them that, not only is lying immoral, not only is lying in court illegal and criminal, but it is also the best way to lose your case and mess up your life. Let me break this down a little bit.

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