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Christopher P. Phillips is currently engaged in the practice of general litigation, focusing primarily on the criminal defense of individuals and companies in all phases of government investigations, and also on personal injury of individuals. Before he joined the firm, Chris served the public for fifteen years as an Assistant District Attorney for the City of Philadelphia. There, he tried hundreds of cases in both jury and bench trials for a wide variety of criminal offenses, ranging from narcotics cases to capital homicide. In 1999, he was selected to serve in the City’s elite Homicide Unit, where he continued his impressive record of successful verdicts. While in that Unit, he investigated and successfully prosecuted some of the most dangerous felons in our City. Since Chris helped found the firm, he has practiced in both state and federal courts, in both criminal and civil matters. On the criminal side, he has won impressive verdicts in many high profile cases. For example Chris won an acquittal for a man charged with three counts on first degree murder. In another case, he convinced a jury to acquit a man charged with twenty-five counts of gun-point robbery. Chris has a unique understanding of how prosecutors prepare and present their cases.

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