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What your injury lawyer will do for you: Our staff deals with the insurance company so you don't have to. Insurance companies are not easy to work with and often, they are difficult to communicate with. We will take the burden off your shoulders in dealing with the insurance company and will handle your personal injury or auto accident injury claim from start to finish. First, we look at the sources of recovery. We determine who the responsible parties are and what the sources of recovery are for those responsible parties. Who will need to pay, and who will be responsible for the damage, injury, and other claims that need to be paid. Insurance companies or risk management departments are typically the primary vehicles used today in paying claims or cases that are owed. There may be multiple options available in a particular case. We determine what options are available in your case in order to ensure you know all your options and have the ability to maximize whatever recovery you may have available in your injury case or claim.

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