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David C. Winton practices real estate, business and bankruptcy law throughout California from his office in Marin County and Walnut Creek. I represent businesses and individuals in matters relating to business organization and entity formation, real estate transactions and dispute resolution, and insolvency. My approach to practicing law is to start with the desired solution and reverse engineer back into the problem. One metaphor for this is the observation that someone shopping for a drill doesn’t need a drill; they need a hole. The drill is just one way of getting there. So it is with legal problems. Clients sometimes retain lawyers to do or create something without really knowing what it is they need starting from the place of the desired goal. For example, rather than telling me that you need a corporation, tell me what business you’re in, what you make or sell, who your partners and affiliates are and what you–and they–hope to accomplish with the business. Maybe you need to form a corporation, maybe not, but my objective is to let the client’s goal drive the process.

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