Social Security Disability Attorney Cincinnati

I focus my law practice in the areas of bodily injury cases, including motor vehicle injuries, workers' compensation claims and social security disability. I know that dealing with insurance companies and bureaucracies with their vast resources can be intimidating to individuals. Going up against them by yourself can be like playing against a stacked deck. My clients look to me to level the playing field for them. Attention to Client Needs The benchmark of my service is attention to the needs of my clients. I am aided by an experienced support staff of 3 paralegal/legal assistants and a staff attorney. My clients deal directly with me at all times necessary. My office manager Kathy Marcum is the client service representatative where any clinet service issues can be brought . Preparation of your Case is Key Although most bodily injury cases are settled prior to trial, significant recoveries are often only achieved after an exhausting investigation, expenditures of money, exacting trial preparation and old-fashioned hard work. Insurance companies and their attorneys know which attorneys are prepared to go to trial and which are not. An insurance company that knows your attorney is not prepared for trial has little incentive to offer full compensation. I will not hesitate to f

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