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Founding attorney James V. Sansone provides caring and dedicated legal assistance to clients in Santa Rosa and throughout the North Bay. Prior to starting his own firm, Jim worked for the Sonoma County District Attorney's Office, Redwood Credit Union, and a Sonoma County law firm. Jim Sansone offers an affordable alternative to large firm practices which sometimes lack the flexibility to tailor billing arrangements to accommodate the needs of the average person. He believes in aggressive litigation but not in unnecessary work disguised as aggressive litigation. Jim’s work leads to results for his clients rather than resulting in simply spending his clients’ money. His enthusiasm for the law, compassion for his clients, and vigorous representation has helped his clients find effective solutions to difficult legal challenges. Jim enjoys hiking and cycling with his wife and two young daughters. He works off stress at the gym and likes to relax with a good drama starring Al Pacino or Robert De Niro. As a father and a child of divorce, he understands that in a custody fight, there’s no winner and the loser is always the child. He advises clients that “you gotta love your kids more than you hate your ex.”

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