Chuck and Jane Newton married in July, 1981. They applied to law school together, attended law school classes together, took the bar exam together, and in the 1986 began practicing bankruptcy law together, especially in regard to Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which was greatly underutilized at the time. In the process they raised four children together and build a large bankruptcy practice with up to seven offices in the Eastern and Northern District of Texas, representing many thousands of cleints. In 1991 they began litigating automatic stay and discharge injunction violations for the clients of their law firm. At the time, no practice existed to enforce the rights of people and families aquired through the filing of bankruptcy. Creditors and others typically went unchallenged in their skirting of the law. Also in the early 1990s their law firm helped to successfully challenge the laws which restricted the practice of law in Texas. Given their results, as well as the rising world of technology and the Internet, by the end of the 1990s they had decided that there must be a better way to practice law. So, in 1999 they moved their law practice home and began primarily representing debtors remedy automatic stay and discharge injunction violations in the State of Texas. They no longer represent debtors in filing bankruptcy, but most of their referrals are from Texas bankruptcy attorneys who recognize the the unique skill and practice area they have developed.

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