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“Filing Chapter 13 was hard decision for us because we have never had to do anything like that before, but it was a right decision to make considering our circumstances at the time. We’re in the process of rebuilding our credit and we are moving on. It gave us a new lease on life really.” “Mr. Moton made the experience seem so easy. He really did us a great service and we were very, very fortunate to have him represent us.” -G.R. Bankruptcy Client “It was a smooth transaction. Gerald was so friendly to work with, not intimidating what so ever. Always so helpful, making it so easy to do when you are in a state of confusion of what to do next. You kind of panic when your doing things like that and here comes Gerald. He was always real soothing. He makes it so easy.” -M.G.R. Bankruptcy Client “Mr. Moton was awesome. Most lawyers are not very warm. Mr. Moton was extremely warm. It was actually quite comfortable working with him. He gives you the impression everybody’s going through something, don’t be embarrassed. He made it extremely easy to talk to him.” “Everybody made bankruptcy seem like the end of world and Mr. Moton actually took the time explain the bankruptcy process to me and he helped me understand it wasn’t going to ruin my life but rather help me get my life back on track.” -L.W. Bankruptcy Client For the fastest answer to your questions, just fill out this simple form. Gerald answers questions as quickly as possible – usually in less than 24 hours. The most reliable Bankruptcy Attorney in San Antonio Texas

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