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The truth is that being charged with driving while intoxicated in Houston, Texas is something that literally can happen to anyone that has an alcholic drink and drives a vehicle. You should not have to feel embarrassed or confused about the legal process ahead. Now is the time to be informed and proactive. Attorney Herman Martinez is dedicated to ensuring that your rights are protected by providing powerful representation for people facing a DWI charge. Many people ask themselves, “do I need an attorney?” There are risks and costs involved in all stages of the DWI process. Hiring the right DWI lawyer can save you thousands of dollars later, or prevent a similar incident from having a catastrophic effect on your life. Effective DWI representation can mean the difference between a standard plea agreement and significantly reduced charges or dismissal. The consequences of being charged with DWI should not be minimized. The stark reality is that in Houston, Harris County, Texas there is what can best be described as a zero tolerance for an individual who is charged with driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence. Penalties associated with these crimes are extremely significant. You need to understand that you can face jail time, significant fines and a long term loss of your driver’s license.

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